FAQ - Unranked LoL Accounts


How are the accounts delivered?
After ordering from us, the account is delivered automatically via email. Please make sure to check your spam folder as well, as sometimes our emails may end up there.
How do I change e-mail and password on the account?
Login to https://account.riotgames.com and scroll down and on this page you can change email, riot id and password.
Can I play ranked right away?
You will need to buy at least 20 or more champions before you can queue up for ranked. You will be able to buy that many champs and more with any of our accounts and queue up. We recommend buying around 15 champions for 450 BE and then your desired main champions for the last 5 to make sure you both get 20 and your favorites no matter the cost.
Do my account come with warrany?
Yes!, if you get banned for any reason that is our fault we will replace the account for you within 14 days. If you do anything yourself that gets the account banned the warranty is voided. Change the account back to the original password so we can verify the reason of the ban and contact us and we will replace it.