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There are many websites out there selling unranked smurfs for LoL, but why choose Here’s why:

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We provide top-quality League of Legends accounts at a competitive price. Our customers can choose the type of LoL account they want and select their region. All unranked League accounts are level 30, rank-ready, and come with an unverified email address for easy customization.

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All our League of Legends accounts come with an unverified email so you can change it to your own email and secure it. This ensures you have full control over your new LoL account.

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We offer a warranty that allows you to return the purchase if you are not satisfied, as long as the account is in the same condition (not played on or any BE used). Additionally, we will provide you with a new account if anything happens that is beyond your control.

Instant Delivery of Your League Accounts

When you purchase from us, and the payment is processed, you will instantly receive two emails: one with a receipt and another with the details for your purchased League of Legends account. The account details will be in the format "username:password."

Advantages of Having a League of Legends Smurf Account

Enhance Your Skills

A smurf account provides a perfect platform to sharpen your skills in a low-stress environment. It allows you to try out new champions, strategies, and playstyles without impacting your main account's rank. This fosters more creative gameplay and helps you become a more versatile player.

Break Free from Elo Hell

Many players struggle to climb the ranks due to unbalanced matches and frequent losses, a situation often referred to as “Elo hell.” Starting fresh with a smurf account gives you a new MMR, increasing your chances of escaping these frustrating rank brackets and achieving a higher rank.

Enjoy Playing with Friends

A smurf account can significantly enhance your social gaming experience by allowing you to play with friends of varying skill levels without affecting your main account's rank. Whether you're introducing a friend to the game or teaming up with lower-ranked friends, a smurf account makes it easier to enjoy the game together.

Explore Different Roles

Experimenting with different roles and champions on a smurf account can help you find new favorites and improve your overall gameplay. This is particularly beneficial for players who want to expand their champion pool and become more adaptable in various game scenarios.

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