Top 10 Champions for New Players in League of Legends

Stepping into the world of League of Legends can be a daunting experience, especially with over 140 champions to choose from. For new players, selecting the right champion can make all the difference in learning the game and enjoying the experience. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of the top 10 champions that are beginner-friendly, straightforward to play, and effective at teaching you the fundamentals of League of Legends.


1. Garen (Top Lane)


Garen, the Might of Demacia, is a tanky fighter who excels in the top lane. His abilities are simple and effective, making him a great choice for beginners.

Why Garen?

  • Easy to Learn: Garen's abilities are straightforward with no skill shots.
  • Survivability: His passive, Perseverance, provides strong health regeneration.
  • Versatile: Can deal damage and absorb a lot of damage in fights.

2. Annie (Mid Lane)


Annie, the Dark Child, is a powerful mage with high burst damage. Her abilities are simple and her ultimate can turn the tide of battle.

Why Annie?

  • High Damage: Can burst down enemies quickly.
  • Simple Mechanics: Basic targeting spells and a straightforward playstyle.
  • Stun Ability: Her passive, Pyromania, allows for stunning enemies, providing crowd control.

3. Ashe (Bot Lane - ADC)


Ashe, the Frost Archer, is a ranged ADC (Attack Damage Carry) known for her utility and team-fighting capabilities.

Why Ashe?

  • Easy to Learn: Auto-attacks and simple skill shots.
  • Utility: Provides slows and a global ultimate stun with Enchanted Crystal Arrow.
  • Vision Control: Hawkshot grants vision, helping with map awareness.

4. Sona (Bot Lane - Support)


Sona, Maven of the Strings, is a support champion who provides healing, buffs, and crowd control through her musical abilities.

Why Sona?

  • User-Friendly: Basic abilities that automatically target allies.
  • Supportive: Healing and buffs make her a great team player.
  • Ultimate: Crescendo can stun multiple enemies, turning team fights in your favor.

5. Amumu (Jungle)


Amumu, the Sad Mummy, is a tanky jungler with strong area-of-effect (AoE) damage and crowd control.

Why Amumu?

  • Easy Jungle Clears: Abilities allow for efficient jungle farming.
  • Engage Potential: Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy provide strong initiation and crowd control.
  • Tanky: Can absorb a lot of damage, making him forgiving for mistakes.

6. Malphite (Top Lane)


Malphite, Shard of the Monolith, is a tanky champion with a mix of crowd control and burst damage.

Why Malphite?

  • Durable: High survivability with his passive, Granite Shield.
  • Initiation: His ultimate, Unstoppable Force, is a powerful engage tool.
  • Simple Kit: Abilities are straightforward and effective.

7. Lux (Mid Lane)


Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, is a mage with long-range abilities and crowd control.

Why Lux?

  • Range: Can poke enemies from a distance with her abilities.
  • Crowd Control: Light Binding and Final Spark provide strong control and damage.
  • Vision: Lucent Singularity grants vision, helping with map awareness.

8. Master Yi (Jungle)


Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman, is a melee assassin who excels at dealing sustained damage.

Why Master Yi?

  • Simple Mechanics: Basic auto-attack focused playstyle.
  • High Damage: Can quickly eliminate enemies with Alpha Strike and Highlander.
  • Mobility: Highlander grants speed and resets, making him deadly in fights.

9. Soraka (Bot Lane - Support)


Soraka, the Starchild, is a support champion known for her healing abilities.

Why Soraka?

  • Healing: Provides strong sustain for her team with Astral Infusion.
  • Silence: Equinox provides crowd control with a silence and root.
  • Global Impact: Wish can heal all allies on the map, turning fights from a distance.

10. Miss Fortune (Bot Lane - ADC)


Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter, is a ranged ADC with high burst damage and strong team-fight presence.

Why Miss Fortune?

  • Easy to Learn: Basic auto-attacks and simple skill shots.
  • Area Damage: Make It Rain and Bullet Time deal significant AoE damage.
  • Strong Laning: Double Up allows for effective poke and trading in lane.


Choosing the right champion as a new player can make a significant difference in your learning experience and enjoyment of League of Legends. The champions listed above are not only beginner-friendly but also provide a solid foundation for understanding the game's mechanics. Start with these champions, practice regularly, and soon you'll be climbing the ranks and exploring even more complex champions in the vast world of League of Legends. Good luck, and have fun on the Rift!