How to Improve Your Map Awareness and Vision Control in League of Legends

Map awareness and vision control are critical skills for any League of Legends player looking to climb the ranks. These skills allow you to make informed decisions, avoid ganks, and set up plays that can turn the tide of the game. In this guide, we’ll cover key strategies to enhance your map awareness and vision control, helping you become a more effective and reliable teammate.


Why Map Awareness Matters

Map awareness is the ability to constantly keep track of what’s happening on the entire map. High map awareness helps you:

  • Avoid Ganks: By keeping an eye on enemy movements, you can predict and avoid potential ganks.
  • Set Up Plays: Coordinate with your team to make plays, secure objectives, or ambush enemies.
  • Control Objectives: Keep track of timers and positioning to secure dragons, Barons, and other critical objectives.

Tips to Improve Map Awareness

  1. Use the Mini-Map Frequently:

    • Glance at the mini-map every few seconds. This habit will help you keep track of ally and enemy positions.
    • Adjust the size of the mini-map in the settings to ensure it’s large enough to see clearly without obstructing your view.
  2. Ping Effectively:

    • Use pings to communicate with your team. Alert them to missing enemies, incoming ganks, or opportunities for objectives.
    • Learn the different types of pings (e.g., danger, on my way, assist me) and use them appropriately.
  3. Track Enemy Jungler:

    • Pay attention to the enemy jungler’s location. Note their starting position and subsequent movements based on lane behavior and ward sightings.
    • Share information about the jungler’s whereabouts with your team to prevent unexpected ganks.
  4. Ward Key Areas:

    • Place wards in critical locations such as river entrances, jungle camps, and objectives.
    • Use control wards to deny enemy vision and maintain vision dominance over important areas.
  5. Watch the Scoreboard:

    • Regularly check the scoreboard for information about enemy items, summoner spells, and ultimate cooldowns. This knowledge helps you make better decisions during fights and rotations.

Effective Vision Control

Vision control involves placing wards to gather information and denying the enemy team vision to keep them in the dark. Here’s how you can improve your vision control:

  1. Understand Ward Types:

    • Stealth Wards: Provide temporary vision and are placed using trinkets.
    • Control Wards: Reveal and disable enemy wards and provide permanent vision until destroyed.
    • Farsight Alteration: A trinket that places a long-range ward, useful for checking distant objectives.
  2. Ward Key Areas Based on Game Phase:

    • Early Game: Focus on river entrances, enemy jungle entrances, and laning bushes.
    • Mid Game: Prioritize vision around objectives like Dragon and Rift Herald. Ward the enemy jungle to track their movements.
    • Late Game: Focus on Baron and Elder Dragon. Maintain vision in the enemy jungle to catch them out of position.
  3. Deny Enemy Vision:

    • Use sweeper trinkets to clear enemy wards. Doing this before taking objectives ensures the enemy team is less likely to contest.
    • Place control wards in bushes and high-traffic areas to deny enemy vision and maintain control over critical zones.
  4. Coordinate with Your Team:

    • Vision control is a team effort. Communicate with your teammates to place wards strategically and avoid overlapping vision.
    • Support players often carry the bulk of the vision control responsibility, but everyone should contribute by warding and clearing wards.

Advanced Vision Tactics

  1. Deep Warding:

    • Place wards deep in the enemy jungle to track their movements and predict their plays. This information is invaluable for setting up ambushes and avoiding ganks.
  2. Objective-Based Warding:

    • Before taking an objective, ensure you have vision control around the area. Clear enemy wards and place your own to secure the zone.
  3. Predictive Warding:

    • Anticipate where the enemy team will move and place wards in those areas. This foresight allows you to make proactive plays and catch the enemy off guard.
  4. Vision Baiting:

    • Place wards in areas where the enemy will likely attempt to clear them. Use this opportunity to set up traps and engage while they are vulnerable.


Improving your map awareness and vision control takes practice and dedication. By consistently using the mini-map, communicating with pings, and strategically placing wards, you can significantly enhance your gameplay. These skills not only help you make better decisions but also contribute to your team’s overall success. Start implementing these tips today and watch your performance in League of Legends soar.