When buying an account on our website you agree to these warranty terms.

If your account gets banned within 14 days of purchase due to the use of inappropriate 3rd party software (known as "botting") and only when the account is banned for this reason, you have the option to get the account replaced with a new account of the same type. 

When getting your account replaced we require you to provide the current login details of the ban and not just a screenshot. If you don't want to provide the current password on the account you can go the league of legends website and change the password even on a banned account. 

If the user of the account bots or gets the accounts banned in any other way the warranty is no longer valid. If the user changes the login name of the account the warranty is no longer valid as we cannot track what account is wich any longer.

LeagueAccounts.com Team (Updated 2020-03-04)