Valorant Account Delivery Information

When you purchase a valorant account from our site it will be delivered to you automatically via email right after. You will have full access to the account. Changing the information on the account is the same as a normal "league of legends" account and you can find more information about how to change that under FAQ at the top of our site.

You will recive a code like this in the email:
This is in the format of: Username:Password--Email:Password

So in this example the information would be like this:
Valorant Username: banana123
Valorant Password: football123
Email Password: valorantgame

*Note* You don't need the email to change to yours since they are unverified but this is the email used to create the account. The email provider that is used to create the accounts and where you can login to the email send with the accounts is "Mail.Ru".