The History of World Championship Winners: From Season 1 to 13

The League of Legends World Championship, commonly referred to as Worlds, is the annual professional tournament hosted by Riot Games. It brings together the best teams from around the globe to compete for the prestigious Summoner's Cup and a significant prize pool. Since its inception, Worlds has seen incredible growth, both in terms of production and the level of competition. Let's take a journey through the history of the World Championship winners, from Season 1 to now.


Season 1 (2011): Fnatic

The first-ever World Championship took place in Sweden, with eight teams from around the world. Fnatic emerged victorious, defeating Against All authority (aAa) in the finals. This victory marked the beginning of Europe's strong presence in the international scene.

  • Champion: Fnatic
  • Finals: Fnatic vs. aAa (2-1)

Season 2 (2012): Taipei Assassins

Held in Los Angeles, Season 2 featured 12 teams and a larger prize pool. The Taipei Assassins, a relatively unknown team at the time, shocked the world by defeating the Korean powerhouse Azubu Frost in the finals.

  • Champion: Taipei Assassins
  • Finals: Taipei Assassins vs. Azubu Frost (3-1)

Season 3 (2013): SK Telecom T1

Season 3 saw the rise of one of the most dominant teams in League of Legends history. SK Telecom T1, led by the legendary Faker, swept through the competition and claimed the title in front of a massive crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

  • Champion: SK Telecom T1
  • Finals: SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Club (3-0)

Season 4 (2014): Samsung White

The 2014 World Championship took place across multiple countries in Asia. Samsung White showcased an incredible level of play, dominating the tournament and securing the championship against China's Star Horn Royal Club.

  • Champion: Samsung White
  • Finals: Samsung White vs. Star Horn Royal Club (3-1)

Season 5 (2015): SK Telecom T1

Returning to form, SK Telecom T1 once again proved their dominance. With Faker and Bengi leading the charge, they became the first team to win Worlds twice, defeating the KOO Tigers in the finals.

  • Champion: SK Telecom T1
  • Finals: SK Telecom T1 vs. KOO Tigers (3-1)

Season 6 (2016): SK Telecom T1

SK Telecom T1 continued their legacy by winning their third World Championship. This time, they faced Samsung Galaxy in an intense finals that went to five games, showcasing the resilience and skill of both teams.

  • Champion: SK Telecom T1
  • Finals: SK Telecom T1 vs. Samsung Galaxy (3-2)

Season 7 (2017): Samsung Galaxy

In a dramatic rematch of the previous year's finals, Samsung Galaxy turned the tables on SK Telecom T1. With impeccable team play and strategy, Samsung Galaxy claimed the championship, denying SKT their fourth title.

  • Champion: Samsung Galaxy
  • Finals: Samsung Galaxy vs. SK Telecom T1 (3-0)

Season 8 (2018): Invictus Gaming

Held in South Korea, the 2018 World Championship saw Invictus Gaming from China make history. They became the first LPL team to win Worlds, defeating Fnatic in a decisive series.

  • Champion: Invictus Gaming
  • Finals: Invictus Gaming vs. Fnatic (3-0)

Season 9 (2019): FunPlus Phoenix

Continuing the trend of LPL dominance, FunPlus Phoenix captured the 2019 title in Paris. They defeated G2 Esports from Europe, showcasing a blend of innovative strategies and mechanical prowess.

  • Champion: FunPlus Phoenix
  • Finals: FunPlus Phoenix vs. G2 Esports (3-0)

Season 10 (2020): DAMWON Gaming

The 2020 World Championship took place in Shanghai under unique circumstances due to the global pandemic. DAMWON Gaming from South Korea emerged victorious, bringing the Summoner's Cup back to the LCK by defeating Suning.

  • Champion: DAMWON Gaming
  • Finals: DAMWON Gaming vs. Suning (3-1)

Season 11 (2021): EDward Gaming

In one of the most thrilling finals in Worlds history, EDward Gaming from China defeated DAMWON Gaming. The series went to five games, with EDG clinching the title in an epic showdown.

  • Champion: EDward Gaming
  • Finals: EDward Gaming vs. DAMWON Gaming (3-2)

Season 12 (2022): DRX

DRX's journey to the championship was a true underdog story. Overcoming significant odds, they defeated T1 in the finals, marking a historic victory for the team and inspiring fans worldwide.

  • Champion: DRX
  • Finals: DRX vs. T1 (3-2)

Season 13 (2023): JD Gaming

JD Gaming dominated the 2023 World Championship, showcasing the strength of the LPL region. They faced and defeated BLG in a clean sweep, highlighting their strategic depth and mechanical skill.

  • Champion: JD Gaming
  • Finals: JD Gaming vs. BLG (3-0)


The history of the League of Legends World Championship is filled with incredible moments, legendary teams, and unforgettable matches. From the early days of Fnatic's victory to the recent dominance of JD Gaming, each season brings new stories and milestones. As the competition continues to evolve, fans around the world eagerly await the next chapter in the saga of Worlds champions.