Interview with a Pro Player: Insights and Advice from the Pros

Professional League of Legends players represent the pinnacle of skill, strategy, and dedication in the game. Aspiring players often look up to these pros for inspiration and guidance on how to improve their gameplay. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with a renowned professional player to discuss their journey, insights, and advice for players aiming to climb the ranks and possibly pursue a career in esports.


Meet the Pro Player: John "Ace" Doe

John "Ace" Doe is a celebrated mid-laner for the top-tier team "Dragons of the Rift." Known for his impeccable mechanics and game sense, Ace has been a part of the professional scene for over five years, participating in multiple World Championships and earning numerous accolades.

Early Beginnings

Q: How did you start playing League of Legends, and what drew you to the game?

Ace: I started playing League of Legends back in Season 2. I was initially drawn to the game because of its competitive nature and the strategic depth it offered. I loved the idea of constantly improving and outsmarting opponents. Plus, the community and the excitement of ranked matches really hooked me in.

Climbing the Ranks

Q: What was your journey like from being a casual player to becoming a professional?

Ace: The journey was definitely challenging but incredibly rewarding. I spent countless hours practicing, watching replays, and studying the game. I climbed the ranks by consistently playing solo queue and participating in amateur tournaments. Eventually, I got noticed by a semi-pro team, which gave me the platform to showcase my skills. From there, it was a mix of hard work, networking, and a bit of luck that led me to the professional scene.

Training and Improvement

Q: What does your daily training routine look like?

Ace: My daily routine is quite structured. It usually starts with a warm-up session where I practice last-hitting and go through a few solo games. Then, I review replays of my previous matches to identify mistakes and areas for improvement. The bulk of my day is spent scrimming with my team, followed by strategy meetings and discussions. I also dedicate time to watch other pro players' streams and VODs to learn new tactics and stay updated with the meta.

Game Sense and Strategy

Q: Can you share some insights on how to develop better game sense and decision-making skills?

Ace: Developing game sense is all about experience and reflection. Always be aware of the mini-map and track enemy movements. Try to anticipate their plays based on the current game state. After each game, ask yourself what you could have done differently in key situations. Learning from your mistakes is crucial. Also, playing different roles can give you a broader understanding of the game, which enhances your overall decision-making.

Dealing with Pressure

Q: How do you handle the pressure during high-stakes matches?

Ace: Handling pressure comes down to preparation and mindset. I trust in my training and the strategies we've practiced as a team. Staying focused on the game and not the stakes helps too. I also practice mindfulness and breathing exercises to stay calm and centered. Remember, it's just another game, and the fundamentals don't change regardless of the situation.

Advice for Aspiring Pros

Q: What advice would you give to players aspiring to go pro?

Ace: My biggest advice is to stay dedicated and keep improving. Focus on mastering a few champions and understanding the intricacies of the game. Don't be afraid to seek feedback and learn from others. Networking is also important—participate in community events and tournaments to get noticed. Lastly, maintain a positive mindset and enjoy the journey. Esports is as much about passion as it is about skill.

The Future of Esports

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of esports, particularly League of Legends?

Ace: The future of esports is incredibly bright. League of Legends continues to grow, with more viewers, sponsors, and players getting involved every year. The level of competition keeps rising, which is great for the scene. I believe we'll see even more professional leagues and opportunities for players to make a career in esports. It's an exciting time to be part of this community.


Ace's journey from a casual player to a professional mid-laner highlights the dedication, hard work, and strategic thinking required to succeed in League of Legends. His insights and advice offer valuable guidance for aspiring players looking to climb the ranks and perhaps one day join the professional scene. Remember, the path to becoming a pro is challenging but incredibly rewarding for those who are passionate and persistent.