What is Elo-Hell and how to Escape it

What is Elo-Hell and how to Escape it

Before we start on what Elo-Hell is, one must get a solid understanding of what MMR is and how it affects your climb to the top as a dedicated League of Legends player.

MMR or matchmaking rating is the calculation of a player’s relative skill level. The League of Legends ranked system uses this to match similarly skilled players in-game to avoid unfair gameplay.

What is low, high and normal MMR?

After each win or loss, a player will be able to see the loss or gain of LP as a number on the Post Match summary; A player’s MMR can be assumed through the analysis of this number.


LP gained per win is 14 to 17: LP lost per loss is 24-28

Your MMR is currently below the average player on your respective tier thus you will be matched against players several leagues below you.

Normal MMR

LP gained per win is 17 to 22

Your MMR is normal for the average player on your respective tier, you will, therefore, be matched with and against players who are closer to your current rank.

High MMR

LP gained per win is 22 to 40

Your MMR is higher compared to the average player who is placed in your respective rank; therefore, you will be pitted against players several leagues above you as a compromise.

What is ELO-Hell?

Elo-hell is a term used by League of Legends where the LP gain stagnates over time, mainly due having massive loss streaks. The result is a player who is stuck in a lower MMR bracket such as Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Is ELO-Hell real?

Mathematically there is no possibility of for the existence of ELO-Hell and that is why Riot Games have implemented this system; as it's stable and reliable. Psychologically, yes, Players may tend to feel that however good they do, ultimately their team holds them back or due to the presence of trolls/AFK's and they are stuck forever in a bracket they do not belong in.

So how does a player escape ELO-Hell?

There are several methods that aren’t rocket science, which will be briefed out to aid your struggle.

Win mathematically

League of Legends is structured statistically to place a player on their respective bracket through consistency, which ultimately plays out to whose most consistent and not to who’s on the winning or losing streak. If you play more games ultimately you would be placed in the division synonymous to your skill level.

Play champions that can take control of the game tempo.

Roamers and champions with high impact abilities allow you to take control of a game, rather than praying that your teammates don't mess up. Good examples are champions such as Twisted Fate, Fizz, Zed, Akali and Shen.

Play the role of the Jungler

Objective control, Macro, snowballing lanes, map pressure; this role does it all, which is why it is frequently ranked as the top role to main in SOLOQUEUE.

Do not Autopilot games

League of Legends is a real-time game and therefore sticking to a single one-dimensional guide would not bring much of a success. Always be Proactive and make appropriate changes to builds, macro paths while having good knowledge of the meta and its in's and Out's

Not being toxic

Your teammates are real humans, it will be easier to win if everyone cooperates; Always mute a flamer.


Doesn't need an explanation. Would you ever fight blinded in real life? Not warding in League is similar to it; you are doing an action with no knowledge of the enemies’ whereabouts (usually doesn't end well)

Climbing up in League of Legends is difficult but the method in achieving this isn't Rocket science; with proper methodical techniques, consistency and solid game knowledge, one can always make sure they are placed in a division they belong.