Fastest way to level 30

Fastest way to level 30

Any player who opens a new League of Legends account which is unranked is faced with the daunting and tiresome task of reaching level 30. What's so good about level 30? Well, that's when all the fun starts is it not?

In order to approach this, we will look at the fastest way you can level up your unranked account to level 30, where you can finally start getting some of that juicy LP. There are two methods one can use to level up an unranked account, both of which, we will go through to see its pros and cons allowing you to conclude on which is best.

Method 1 - The hard Grind

Cost: 50 Euros

The time required - One week

The title is self-explanatory; Here the player can make a fresh new unranked account of their choosing and start leveling up from scratch.

The requirements to carry out this task are pretty simple:

  • A duration based Exp boost (buy the 14 days or 7 days Exp Boost for cost efficiency)
  • Multiple Win based Exp Boost (two 40 Win Exp boosts and one 25 Win Exp Boost)
  • Loads of time and perseverance


How it is done

First and foremost fire up a Co-op Vs Ai on the summoners rift map, making sure to pick an AD-based champion that is capable of taking down turrets quickly( preferably an ADC such as Jinx); then pick the summoner spells Smite and Teleport before smashing the lock-in button as quickly as possible(every second count)

Afterward, go to the bottom lane and start pushing in the Bots, killing them at every possible opportunity making sure not to recall, while constantly chipping away at their turrets.

Once you have enough gold for a Vampiric Scepter and a Ruaan's Hurricane, recall back to base to purchase it and immediately teleport back to lane, making sure you continue pushing into the base and avoid a recall in every possible scenario.

Destroy the nexus while making sure the game is longer than 7 minutes so as the Exp gets credited (any game below 7 mins doesn't get an Exp Reward). The optimal time to end the game is at 10 mins where you will receive around 58 Base Exp.


Duration based boost doubles your Base Exp=116Xp

Win based Boost gives a Flat Exp = 216 XP

Totaling to a value of 332 Xp average per game 

Repeat the procedure buying Win based Exp Boosts as it runs out.


Ok! let us do the math here;

Total Exp required to reach lv 30: 40,080 XP

Exp per game: 332 XP

Games required to reach lv 30: 120

Let us remove 10 games from the final number giving respect to the First Win Exp Boost provided by Riot Games.

Considering the math, we can announce that it takes at least 20 hours of continuous grinding to reach level 30, and the total price for that is adding up to 7100 Riot Points which is around 50 Euros

Method 2- Purchase a Lv 30 account

Cost: 8,99 Euros

The time required- 10 mins.

How it is done:

Buy an already leveled up account from a reputable site such as

There are level 30 accounts from prices as inexpensive as 9 Euros to 12 Euros, all leveled up and ready to play at purchase.

Ergo, those are the two methods a player can use to level up one's unranked League of Legends account to level 30.

Which method is more efficient and simpler?

The math is done, so it is up to you to make the decision.